• ULN2003 Sepper Motor
Motor Type Unipolar stepper motor
Connection Type 5 Wire Connection (to the motor controller)
Voltage 5-12 Volts DC
Frequency 100 Hz
Step mode Half-step mode recommended (8 step control signal sequence)
Step angle Half-step mode: 8 step control signal sequence (recommended) 5.625 degrees per step / 64 steps per one revolution of the internal motor shaftFull Step mode: 4 step control signal sequence 11.25 degrees per step / 32 steps per one revolution of the internal motor shaft
Gear ratio Manufacturer specifies 64:1. Some patient and diligent people on the Arduino forumshave disassembled the gear train of these little motors and determined that the exact gear ratio is in fact 63.68395:1. My observations confirm their findings. These means that in the recommended half-step mode we will have:64 steps per motor rotation x 63.684 gear ratio = 4076 steps per full revolution (approximately).
Wiring to the ULN2003 controller A (Blue), B (Pink), C (Yellow), D (Orange), E (Red, Mid-Point)
Weight 30g


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ULN2003 Sepper Motor

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