4K HDMI to Micro HDMI Cable for Raspberry Pi 4B

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This is a Micro-HDMI video cable tailored to theRaspberry Pi 4B, supporting 4K HD resolution. There is no delay, no flash, the transmission is stable and precise. Plug and play, easy to connect.

A 19-core shield is adopted in this wire to ensure stable transmission of the signal. A gold-plated process is used in the wire end interface which can prevent oxidation effectively and increase the durability. Multiple plug-ins would not affect its function. PVC environmentally friendly exterior makes it strong and soft, antioxidant and corrosion resisting. So, even through multiple bending, as always, remains stable signal transmission.

It is not only suitable forRaspberry Pi 4B, but compatible with a wide range of devices such as notebooks, HDTVs, tablets and projectors.

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