I2C 16x2 Arduino LCD Display Module

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This is a 16x2 LCD display screen with I2C interface. It is able to display 16x2 characters on 2 lines, white characters on blue background.

Usually, Arduino LCD display projectswill run out of pin resources easily, especially withArduino Uno. And it is also very complicated with the wire soldering and connection.

ThisI2C 16x2 Arduino LCD Screen is using an I2C communication interface. It means it only needs 4 pins for theLCD display: VCC, GND, SDA, SCL. It will save at least 4 digital/analog pins onArduino.All connectors are standard XH2.54 (Breadboard type). You can connect with the jumper wire directly.

 I2C 16x2(1602) LCD Display for Arduno - DFRobot

To avoid the confliction of I2C address with other I2C devices, suchultrasonic sensor,IMU, accelerometers, and gyroscope, theI2C address of the module is configurable from 0x20-0x27.And its contrast can be adjusted manually.

Another alternative option isI2C 20x4 Arduino LCD Display Module if more characters are required.

 I2C 16x2(1602) LCD Display for Arduno connection

Last update: V1.2:
  • I2C connector: VCC, GND, SCL, SDA

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