Prototyping Shield for Arduino

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This is the very first prototyping shield forArduino in the market since 2010.  It comes with prototyping area that you can sold led , switch or other components,  it also comes with a mini Arduinobreadboard that can stick on the prototyping shield that make the project look tidy and fancy.  

The working area of this protoshield has DIP prototyping area sutiable for chip, the SOIC prototyping area above USB jack supports up to 14-pin SOIC chip, narrow medium or wide package.

This shield features DFRobot's special coded pin header, red for Power, black for GND, green for digital and blue for analog,  it gives you a crystal clear idea which pin you can connected to .   

The reset button is hooked up to provide to ease the way of debugging.  

DFRobot Prototyping Shield for Arduino Demo1

DFRobot Prototyping Shield for Arduino Demo Project 2

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