Romeo BLE - Arduino Robot Control Board with Bluetooth 4.0

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Romeo family is an All-in-OneArduino based control board especially designed for robotics applications from DFRobot.  It benefits from the Arduino open source platform, it is supported by thousands of open source codes, and can easily be expanded with yourArduino shields. The integrated 2 way DC motor driver and wireless socket allows you to start your own robot project immediately without the need for an additional motor driver.  Not just has the motor driver, Romeo is also designed to have extra power for servos which need more current.

Romeo is also featured with DFRobot's standard 3Pin-out designed and compatible with Gravity series sensors and actuators. Hundreds of sensors are now plug-play with Romeo. You may also check Bluetooth microcontrollor selection guide to get more information. 

The Romeo BLE is a new member of Romeo Family. This robot controller inherits all functions of Romeo all-in-one controller, the Romeo BLE has integrated bluetooth 4.0,  it is the first time to give a robot control board the power of easy set up.  Thanks to the bluetooth 4.0,  the Romeo BLE supports uploading sketch wireless which means you do not need to plug a cable to upload new code.  Just need aUSB Bluno Link adapter, the Romeo Ble is ready to be updated through the Air which is so convenient for robot application.

With Romeo BLE, all DFRobot's mobile platforms and robots can now be played with iOS devices by APP "GoBle".  Also, the Romeo BLE supports Visual Programming APP (WhenDo).

What others say about this Romeo BLE? 

"I have the Romeo BLE and consider it to be a huge step up from the standard Arduino boards I have. All those extra headers for the standard connections and the motor hookups make it a dream to work with." From Drew. 

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